Press Release for Uno is One

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 Series of Second Language Books Teaches Children and Young Adults Vocabulary and Sentence Structure  Fun, simple format of Uno is One teaches colors, numbers, and shapes along with vocabulary to Second Language students  

Joyce Ann Fernandez’ My Second Language Series is designed to teach children and young adults vocabulary and sentence structure in a second language on several levels, and it makes the task enjoyable! Her latest book, Uno is One, is written in English and Spanish with Level 2 vocabulary mixed into defining sentences with simple conjugations.


Uno is One highlights colors, numbers, and shapes along with lots of vocabulary. Each page contains several descriptive sentences written in both languages. A vocabulary list is also provided on each page to help teach the vocabulary used on that page. Vibrant illustrations and enjoyable rhymes employing both English and Spanish words add a fun and helpful element to learning the words and sentences.


Uno is One is also available in German, French, and Portuguese, and several other languages are also forthcoming. Fernandez comments that “Parents who have studied a second language and want to teach their children that language will find this book extremely helpful. All the words and sentence structure that they learned will come back easily in this simple and fun format as they read the book to their children.”


Uno is One is an excellent source for second language teachers, homeschooling parents, and anyone who wants to brush up on the second language they learned in school. In addition, school age children can use this book to fill in gaps in their lessons and make the vocabulary so necessary for language acquisition stick in their minds.

 Uno is One, along with several other titles in the My Second Language Series, is currently available at and will soon make an appearance at major online bookstores such as and  To contact the author, please send an email to  #          #          #

Uno is One by Joyce Ann Fernandez; Fiction; Soft cover; $15.95; ISBN: 978-0-615-24460-0